think the 911 Diet plan is right for you?

We have three best-selling 911 Diet Plan items in our store, including the 911 book, which includes nutritional information, the diet plan, and 100 low-fat or no-fat gourmet recipes. Chef Jerry has also developed a dynamic blend of seasonings and spices called "Burst," a mixture ideal for use on chicken, seafood, or fresh vegetables. If you'd like to see Chef Jerry personally demonstrate nine of the 911 recipes and share his kitchen tips and secrets, check out the 911 Diet Plan "Kitchen Secrets" DVD, a steal at only $15.

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The 911 Diet Plan: Kitchen Secrets DVD

45 min.


The 911 Diet Plan book
(By Chef

200 pages
100 recipes



The 911 Diet Plan book & DVD combo

(with free Burst seasoning salt)
(Buy one book & one DVD and receive a free bottle of Burst)


Burst Seasoning Salt