What is the 911 Diet plan?

The 911 Diet Plan is a diet plan unlike any other.

Most diet plans on the market ask you to ditch your favorite foods, remove carbohydrates from your diet, eat bland food, or go on a cabbage and tomato soup regiment. The 911 Diet Plan, however, was created by a gourmet chef — Jerry Cangemi — who not only knows great taste but also about healthy weight loss.

Over the past decade, food companies have been creating products with little or no fat. It seems that just about every product — from mayonnaise to cheese — is available in a no-fat or reduced fat form. The trick is to know all of the products and find out which ones are great and which ones are not worthy. And that’s exactly what Jerry has done. In creating the 911 Diet Plan, Jerry purchased and tested every product that said “low fat or no fat.” The great ones wound up as part of the ingredients for the recipes in the 911 Diet Plan cookbook.

Even though there are many cookbooks that claim to use little or no fat in their recipes, when you create the dish a flavor is missing or there is an odd taste. This is not the case with the 911 Diet Plan. After all, a gourmet chef would not tolerate it.

As owner and operator of a world-renowned Las Vegas restaurant, and chef manager of many restaurants across the country, Jerry has experience in creating great food, inventing new innovative techniques. His recipes were truly gourmet and his customers were always coming back for more. Now, he has taken those recipes and redesigned them to be low-fat or no-fat while using the latest in food manufacturing to retain all the great flavors.

A doctor, dietitian or television celebrity did not create The 911 Diet Plan. The foods, flavors and techniques come from the mind and passion of a gourmet chef. Using broths, wines, spices, fat-free creamers and non-stick sprays, you can create the same dishes that can be found in world-renowned restaurants. And using the unique kitchen techniques Jerry has developed will forever change the way you prepare your meals. The 911 method is that powerful. If you follow the recipes and methods presented in the 911 Diet Plan cookbook, you are almost guaranteed to lose weight quickly and consistently. And even better, your chances are great for keeping the weight off because all the recipes are dynamic! There is no craving to go back to your old habits.

So, what’s keeping you from trying out the 911 Diet Plan today? Why not download one of our free recipes and try it out yourself. Then you can go ahead and order the 911 Diet plan cookbook and DVD from our website. Or if you just want to send Jerry an e-mail requesting more information about dieting, weight loss, nutrition or recipe questions, you can e-mail Jerry right away!