Welcome to the 911 Diet plan!

The 911 Diet Plan is a diet plan unlike any other. Most diet plans on the market ask you to ditch your favorite foods, remove carbohydrates from your diet, eat bland food, or go on a cabbage and tomato soup regiment. The 911 Diet Plan, however, was created by a gourmet chef — Jerry Cangemi —who not only knows great taste but also about healthy weight loss.

As owner and operator of a world-renowned Las Vegas restaurant, and chef manager of many restaurants across the country, Jerry has gained experience in creating great food, inventing new innovative techniques. His recipes were truly gourmet and his customers were always coming back for more. Now, he has taken those recipes and redesigned them to be low-fat or no-fat while using the latest in food manufacturing to retain all the great flavors.

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gourmet Chef Jerry Cangemi

Jerry has an Italian cooking heritage that stems back more than 300 years. His family comes from three regions in Italy that have three different styles of cuisine: Sicily, Calabria, and Naples. He started his apprenticeship in New York as a teenager and completed it in Las Vegas, Nevada, under the supervision of Albert Flavio, the personal chef of former President Richard Nixon. He later owned and operated Cangemi’s Supper Club, a world-renowned Las Vegas restaurant.

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